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JT CurryThe origins of the modern Curry Warehouses can be traced back to the 1920s when John Thurman Curry started JT Curry Transfer, a household goods moving company. When JT Curry died in 1941, the company went dormant, but JT’s son, Earl, re-organized the company in 1947. He added a small storage building and renamed the company Curry Transfer & Storage. Over the next half century, the Currys established a solid reputation based on honesty and hard work.

In 1965, Earl Curry Jr. took over the family business and guided the company’s growth as it became the largest moving company in the area and then expanded into warehousing operations.

In 2000, Earl Jr’s son, Craig, acquired the company, eliminated the moving operations, and focused solely on the warehousing business. Now known as Curry Warehouses, the company continues the family’s original ideals of honesty and hard work as the main tenet of the business.


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