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In warehouse construction, success depends on
ability, knowledge, and perserverance.

Land preparationThese are the traits that allow us to build cost-effective warehouses quickly, even in tough situations. Our experience in West Virginia pays off when we build on more forgiving terrain. It’s been said, only partially in jest, that if West Virginia was flattened out, it would be larger than Texas. We are experienced in building on land that requires substantial preparation.

And because of our region’s long history with mining and chemicals, the environmental controls are tougher in West Virginia than in many other states. In spite of these obstacles, we have managed construction projects that result in functional buildings on time and under budget.

The most critical element in today’s storage facility is the floor, so we begin with careful attention there. And roof systems are what protect the warehouse’s valuable contents from the elements, so we use the best pre-engineered design in the business.


Well designed docks are the portals through which everything in the warehouse must pass. Proper planning and design pay off with smooth operation when the warehouse is ready for occupancy.

One memorable construction project began with a request for 200,000 square feet of warehouse space that was needed in 14 months. Locating developable land large was a challenge, but that was just the beginning. We negotiated with the 15 people who were title holders and dealt with the Army Corps of Engineers and other government agencies, more than 200 neighbors who initially opposed the development, terrain, and more. In the end, we delivered the facility on budget and on time.

We specialize in West Virginia construction, but our experience is readily portable. If you are considering a warehouse construction project anywhere in the continental United States, be sure to talk with us.


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